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Having Cancer
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Cancer is a diagnosis that no one wants to hear.  Many of us have lost family members and dear friends to this hideous disease. Every 14 seconds, somewhere in the world, a case of breast cancer is diagnosed — a sobering statistic. Paint Pink is a non-profit founded in June, 2023 through the efforts of Kim Keene, breast cancer survivor, and her supporters.  As a cancer survivor herself, Kim knows all too well that many patients’ needs are not covered by insurance.

Paint Pink’s mission is to support cancer patients with goods and services not covered by insurance in order to allow patients to focus on their battle with this disease.  These goods and services include payment of bills, legal fees, personal care items, house cleaning, meal delivery, and other aspects of daily living that need additional support.  The uniqueness of each situation drives what support is given.

Paint Pink volunteers have seen the havoc that a cancer diagnosis can rain down upon individuals, families and friends. Lives get uprooted.  Plans get demolished. And it becomes about survival. We are determined to lighten the load for our cancer-fighting warriors so their focus can be on their health

Kim Keene | Founder & President

Kim Keene is a breast cancer survivor, first getting diagnosed in 2017. As an artist, Keene wanted to utilize her skills and the art community to create an organization supporting the financial costs associated with cancer. During her recovery, Keene also experienced the challenges cancer patients face with everyday chores and responsibilities everyone has – but become more challenging during any illness. 

Art has always been at the forefront of Kim’s life.   Since she was young, she always knew art was her passion and went on to college and majored in art, kick-starting her career as a professional artist. When Kim was first diagnosed with cancer, she battled it by focusing on her art passion to bring her peace and purpose during her treatment. She’d dive into the paint and become one with the canvas.  For her, brushstrokes were calming and color-rejuvenating. When Kim’s cancer returned for a second round, she knew what she needed to do to help her heal: PAINT.   And so she continues with her acrylics, oils, canvas, palate, and brush to bring a sense of peace into her life where there otherwise could be anxiety and uncertainty. This is why “art”.

Knowing first-hand the challenges of maintaining finances and a home with family, pets, etc., is just as challenging as cancer treatment. 

Paint Pink Inc. was created to provide those additional services outside treatment so those living with cancer can focus on getting healthy without the stress of everyday life situations.

Keene is focused on painting a picture of good energy and hope.

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Jo Ann Hughes

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